Saturday, June 8, 2013

Weapons of Bollywood - Introduction

Bollywood is popular term used to refer to Hindi film industry. Although Mr. Amitabh Bachchan hates this term, I'll stick to it considering widespread usage. Indians love movies as much as cricket and gossip. Bollywood has a special place in heart of most Indians due to unique characteristics of Hindi movies. 

Biggest USP of Hindi films being song and dance sequences. Most of the times songs are forced to fit in entire plot. I mean it is ok if lead actors are in love and behaving silly. But entire colony or college matching steps with them and dancing together is plain absurd.

Bollywood ki kasam, that's exactly what I am talking about 
Anyways, I won't go on with what sucks in Bollywood, but something that Bollywood manages to mess up almost all the time. That thing is weapons. Revolvers keep shooting endless rounds without reloads. Most rifles are like Sten gun. Shell casings almost never eject from firearms. Shotguns for long distance precision shooting. List is almost endless. What I have tried to do here is identify and list weapons used in Bollywood movies. If you have any inputs or suggestions then feel free to share the same with me.

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